Because There Are Animals All Over the World

Because There Are Animals All Over the World

There are many aspects of veterinary health today that did not exist even two decades ago. Some of these areas include ophthalmology and oncology. Veterinary hospitals employ experts in even more diverse fields like dermatology. As long as the human-animal bond has been intact, pet owners seek out advanced care for their beloved pets.

Where Do Veterinarians Work?

In addition to animal hospitals and clinics, veterinarians may work in animal parks, zoos, racetracks and animal shelters. Anywhere there are animals, there will be a veterinarian to take care of health concerns. Veterinarians earn between $84,000 and $144,000 in many areas of the United States and Canada.

Veterinarians also work in biomedical research, developing new medical procedures or drugs. They may work for universities, space programs and government health agencies. Many veterinarians care for animals involved in agriculture, and ensure that bio-diseases do not invade our food supply.

What Type of Education Do Veterinary Students Obtain?

There are veterinary schools in the United States and Canada accredited by governing bodies. Each year, there are about three times as many people applying as the schools accept. It is quite a competitive field.

Many veterinary schools accept students who have taken helpful courses in high school, including chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. Once you are in college, you will also need to study in specific courses that will help your goal of reaching veterinary school and graduation.

It is helpful to maintain a high grade point average (GPA) in college. In addition, experience with animals and in clinics will be beneficial. This is also a good chance to find out if you enjoy the work enough to pursue it as a career. Many students take GRE exams and MCATs, in addition to SAT testing, to get into veterinary medical schools. Check the specific information for the college you would like to attend, to be sure that you are taking all the tests that they require.

What Is the Current Scenario for Veterinary Medicine?

Veterinarians work in many different roles in Canada, the United States and abroad. Some of the positions they fulfill include managing partners at veterinary clinics, staff veterinarians, emergency vets, large animal vets and chiefs of staff at veterinary hospitals.

As people continue to devote time and income to the prevention of disease and care for their pets, the veterinary field will continue to need new members. If you feel that working in a large animal hospital isn’t for you, then perhaps you would like to hire into a smaller, local animal clinic, where most of the work done is preventive care.

What Countries Have the Most Need for Veterinarians?

Many countries need help with small or large animal veterinary care, or both. Some do not have the facilities for teaching that we have in Canada and the United States. In the Americas, animal specialists are needed in Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru, among others.

Developing nations also need veterinary help, as do poor countries in Africa and other areas. Volunteer programs send veterinarians to some of these areas as well, so you can gain a rewarding experience, even if you go overseas simply as a volunteer.

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