Heating Water or Beating the Cost

Heating Water or Beating the Cost

If you are a way to heat your water and beat the cost of your electric bill, this may be one of the best ways to do so. Tankless electric hot water heaters are one of the best things that have happened to families who are looking to decrease their electric bill, water bill and environmental impact.

Tankless electric hot water heaters work dramatically different than traditional hot water heaters.

How a Traditional Hot Water Heater Works

A traditional hot water heater keeps water hot continuously, even when you don’t need it. Some of the hot water is boiled away and turned into vapor, which wastes your electric and water. Sadly, you are paying for every drop that your hot water heater wastes. The solution to this problem is the tankless hot water heater.

How a Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater Works

Tankless hot water heaters have been designed to be smaller, and more efficient than the average hot water heater. These hot water heaters use less energy and less water. They do so by only heating the water that comes into the holding tank. The water does not begin heating until the facet is turned on.

Even though the water does not begin heating until the faucet has been turned on, they still provide continuous hot water to the locations that you need it.

The first type of home that used these specially created hot water heaters was the storage container home. This is because most of the people who are looking to create a storage container home are looking to protect the environment and water waste is one of the many things they try to avoid.

Deficits of Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Just like any technological advancement, the tankless hot water heater does have some downfalls. The main downfall is that the amount of water used can decrease the effectiveness. As long as water is only being requested from one faucet, it can truly be an endless source of hot water. However, if more than one faucet requests hot water at the same time, the quality of the heated water can depreciate.

Also, faucets that are farther from the tankless water heating system may experience some delay in receiving hot water.

This product has developed raving reviews from customers that say their energy bill has dramatically decreased and that their water bill has decreased as well.


Unfortunately, the tankless hot water system can only handle so much stress. If you have a big house or a big family, you may want to consider installing more than one unit to ensure that hot water can be easily obtained throughout the house.

The price of the product itself is not bad. However, in order to qualify for the service plan and the warrantee, the product must be installed by a professional. This can easily increase the product cost to between $2,000 and $5,000.

However, unlike most hot water heaters that are on the market, the expected life of one of these systems ranges between 22 and 70 years, which is dramatically more than the average hot water heater.

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