Inspiring Stories Of Fighting Cancer With Diet

Inspiring Stories Of Fighting Cancer With Diet

While there are varying degrees of cancer and many different treatment methods depending on the type, there are victims of the disease that claim to have improved the state of their condition by taking a natural and holistic approach. There is an ongoing battle between holistic and western medical treatment; while western treatments of Cancer has proved very successful in many cases there might be a way to increase our chances of beating these conditions by combining it with a healthy and strengthening diet.

Penelope Villabert is a woman who was found to have pancreatic cancer at stage 4. She was diagnosed with various cysts, one of which was of a very large size. Penelope was said to only have a few months to live before the cancer would end up taking her life. The doctor that she was going to provided her with Bio-integrative strategies that consisted of a holistic and healthy approach. He recommended that she avoid processed foods and any heavy meat or dairy products. He also recommended that she do coffee enemas as well as therapy through vitamin c. By incorporating fruit juicing, more water, tea and sunshine into her lifestyle (as well as sustain a positive state of mind) over a year and a half has already passed for Penelope and she feels fantastic. She currently has no metastasis and the cancer has been eliminated completely as if she was never diagnosed with the condition.

A man named Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. He wound up refusing chemotherapy and decided to adopt a vegan diet to improve the state of his condition. While Chris was told that he wouldn’t survive if he did not participate in chemotherapy, he proved his own doctor very wrong. Chris is alive and well and completely rid of his Stage 3 Colon Cancer. There are over 233 studies that adopting a natural diet and holistic remedy is one of the strongest strategies in eliminating Colon Cancer.

Unfortunately, there are many patients who would take the advice of their doctor versus making a personal effort to combine the treatment with ancient remedies. While a natural remedy may not be the answer for everybody it is highly recommended that all patients who have been diagnosed with any sort of condition make it a priority to adopt a natural and vitamin-enriched diet. Many people are quite skeptical when it comes to natural healing but how do we know that a raw diet regimen wouldn’t prolong one’s life more-so than a recommended medical treatment?

Let us also talk about the cost of medical treatment in cases of cancer. While some patients are lucky enough to have medical and personal help for their bills there are others who are faced with extremely high expenses. These expenses are often charged on multiple credit cards.

On top of the circumstances how can the victims of cancer also handle the financial burden if they are facing these expenses alone? The moral of the story is that, as the people, we should make an effort to research natural health cures and natural methods instead of only doing what is told of us by doctors and medical facilities. With a combined natural and medicinal effort and a positive state of mind it is far more likely that we can find ourselves in the best health-related position. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

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