Picture Perfect Future

Picture Perfect Future

Do you enjoy having perfect skin, helping others develop perfect skin, and helping them prevent problematic skin issues? If so, the career of an Esthetician may peak your interest. The basis of the esthetician career is cosmetology.

While cosmetology may be the base of the career, the main focus of the education received is in skin infections, various types of skin, skin maintennce, and how to improve the look, feel and appearance of skin on all parts of the body

If the concept of helping people feel better about their skin, and helping their skin look better peaks your interest, becoming an esthetician can easily become your future career.

Educational and Certification Requirements

It is required for all estheticians to complete an approved training program, or an associates degree program. It is also required that each person who wishes to work in this field obtain a licensed to practice the skill on people.

While a certificate degree may get you started in the field, an associates degree will provide more job opportunities as well as better pay once you have become licensed as an ethetician.

Esthetician Salary

The amount of money you can make as an esthetician can be effected by man different factors, including:

  • Type of credentials you obtained (certificate or associates degree)
  • Experience in the field
  • Geographic locations
  • Specific salon you work for
  • Whether you are self-employed
  • Whether you open your own salon
  • The type of salon you open

After taking these factors into account, and averaging out the salary ranges between $19,000 and $28,000 per year. The salaries that are taken into account where the salaries of employees in a salon, and not the owner/operator, even if they are a certified esthetician.

Additional Options for Estheticians

Most estheticians do not think to work in a clinic or medical settings. Those who work in a medical setting make a dramatically higher salary than those who choose to work in a standard salon.

To maximize your income, taking business classes will allow you to easily open your own spa that caters to a wide variety of clientele, as well as take on employees that can assist clients in areas that you cannot, such as massage therapy and elective procedures.

Methods of Increasing Salary

There are many different methods of increasing your expected salary, which includes choosing a geographic location that allows higher wages, higher pricing, and a higher population of regular clientele to cater to.

Another method of increasing your potential salary and decrease your expenditure is to become a freelance esthetician. It increases the number of clients you can  cater to, and allow you to charge more for services because they can be preformed in the clients home which is a convenience that most do not choose to provide.

Freelancing also allows you to decrease the financial burden you have on your own business because  ou do not have to provide the location or the utilities that are necessary if you provided services in your own spa.

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